Trim Function in Microsoft Excel 2010

In this article we will learn how to delete the unnecessary blank character from a cell, we will use “TRIM” function in Microsoft Excel 2010.

TRIM: Trim function is used to remove additional leading and trailing spaces from the text in a cell.

Syntax of “TRIM” function:           =TRIM (text)


  • Cell A2 contains the text“Excel     Tips”
  • Enter the formula in cell B2 =TRIM(A2), press Enter on your keyboard
  • The function will return the text after deleting the unnecessary spaces.


Let’s take an example to understand how and where we can use TRIM function.

For Example:- We have 2 data sets, 1st data is having all details, and we want the 2nd data to pick the date of joining, by using the Employee name.


Employee names are with spaces, and we will use here TRIM function along with Vlookup function.

Follow below given steps:-

  • Write the formula in cell F2.
  • Press Enter on your keyboard.
  • The function will return Date of Joining for agent.


  • Copy the formula by pressing the key Ctrl+C and paste in the range F3:F7 by pressing the key Ctrl+V on your keyboard.


This is the way we can use TRIM function for our data in Microsoft Excel. 

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