How to restrict special character and allow only numbers

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How to restrict special character and allow only numbers?

Can someone please look at the attached and create a validation that will allow the following:
- only numbers
- only numbers 0 to 9
- no special characters of any kind (,":#$%^&* etc)
- no more than 9 numbers - if so error message
- no less than 9 numbers - if so error message
- must be able to start with o

image 1


To meet this requirement we use “AND”, “LEN”, “VALUE” function in Data Validation.

Follow below given steps:-

  • Select the range A17:A20.
  • Go to Data tab > DataValidation > Settings
  • Select the formula in Custom category.
  • =AND(LEN(B13)>=9,LEN(B13)<=10,VALUE(B13)>0)

image 2


When we will enter the value below to 9 digit or special character, alpahabet and above to 9 digit then it will give an error and will not except the entered value in cell.


image 3






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