250 Excel Keyboard Shortcuts


Microsoft Excel having so many unbelievable capabilities that are not instantly perceived. Excel Shortcut keys are most useful and usable to save the time.

Shortcut keys help to provide an easier and usually quicker method of directing and finishing commands in Microsoft Excel. Mostly we prefer to use the shortcuts as it’s kind of amazing how much time we can save by not using the mouse clicks. Keyboard shortcuts in Excel are commonly accessed by using the ALT, Ctrl, Shift, Function key and Window key.

We really liked that windows gives us multiple ways to perform the task in Excel, let’s say we want to save a file, either we can press the key “Ctrl+S” or “Shift+F11”.

Below are the amazing Shortcuts for Excel category wise, in which you will find the Excel formula shortcuts, Excel copy paste shortcuts, Excel keyboard shortcuts to insert row, Excel keyboard shortcuts to select row, Keyboard shortcuts for VBA and Excel hot keys (add more alt shortcuts to Excel).


Keyboard shortcuts for Dialog Box:-


Entering Data shortcuts:-


File Commands:-


Keyboard shortcuts for Format:-


Formulas shortcuts:-


General keyboard shortcuts:-


Important Hot Keys:-


Shortcuts for Navigating:-


Keyboard shortcuts for selecting rows/column/cell:-


Window shortcut keys:-


Workbook shortcut keys:-


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  1. M Ekramul Hassan

    I highly appreciated this type of keyboard shortcuts and this is very useful in our work. Thank you. Ekramul

  2. Agree with previous poster--this is an awesome tool, but as a Mac user, would really appreciate similar list of Mac shortcuts.

    • Hi Claudia,

      Thanks for bringing this in our knowledge. Our team is already working on this and soon we are going to share "MAC shortcuts" for all our members.

      Also, if you have any question to ask, please reach us at Forum experts on Excel Forum. Our Forum experts will assist you.

      Team Excel Forum & Excel Tip

  3. Hi,

    Awesome work guys.

    I find these one new.

    CTRL + 2 for BOLD
    CTRL + 3 for ITALIC
    CTRL + 4 for UNDERLINE

    Keep sharing such wonderful knowledge.


      • Aiki_Sanford

        If your comment about resizing font into large/big relates to the row and/or column identifiers, I would be very grateful to know about this also. I have some files in which I must have made some keystroke error and caused the font size of my row & column identifiers and can never find a way to change them back. I generally have to create a new file & import all data to remove the over-sized identifiers. Thanks in advance!

  4. Awesome! It's funny how you use a few shortcuts but forget about all of the others. Thanks for a great reminder!
    I didn't see the CTRL/SHIFT/ARROW keys on your list. They are the biggest time saver of them all!

    • Ohh yeah...seems we also have missed it 😛

      But, it will be there on the XLS version.

      CTRL+SHIFT+ARROW --> This key extend the selection of cells to the last non-blank cell in the selected range.

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      Team Excel Forum & Excel Tip

  5. Your site has been a true gem. I am working in an office and have taken on most of the duties of Accounting, Client management, Front office, what ever else the boss wants. I never would have been able to make the spreadsheets I have without your help and the info I have received in the forums. With your help I went from part time to a very needed piece of the office puzzle. Could you email me the excel and pdf version of your shortcut list. Also know that I am truly, truly thankful of all the work you have dedicated to this site.

    • Thanks for sharing the wonderful experience with us Dan!!!

      The site is doing good just because of people like you who come here and get the required information which you look for.

      Our team is trying best to bring something very unique every week which can be used in everyone's daily life.

      Yes, on a demand, we are going to upload XLS version of Keyboard shortcuts to make your life more easy. 🙂

      Stay connected with us here.

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      Team Excel Forum & Excel Tip

  6. Great! I have a question - difficult to describe: when you delete rows at the bottom of your data (or cells to the right), the deleted rows/cells are still active as part of the worksheet - if you press ctrl+end, it will move the cursor to the bottom right including the deleted cells. Is there a short-cut that takes you to the true bottom right cell of the worksheet?

  7. Great list! Excel format would be helpful to make it more easily searchable, but the compilation is very handy 😀 thank you!

  8. That is awesome! I did not know there were so many keyboard shortcuts for EXCEL. Thanks a lot.
    p.s. Is there a shortcut that will help me remember them all?

    • Thanks Tony.

      Yes, the shortcut is to try 4-5 shortcuts everyday if you want to remember them all. 🙂

      Please like us on our FB page.

      Team Excel Forum & Excel Tip

  9. Michael Oloishuro Lenenkokuai

    Great list of excel shortcuts. I have developed a liking for them and this will definitely enhance that..

  10. Admin am new here, can i ask a favor if u hav time to send via mail those shorcut pdf files only.. i hav not micro excel yet.. thanks best regard your site

    • Hello Jason,

      Yes, you can go ahead and spread this information with your friends, family, colleague etc. We would be interesting this wonderful and useful information.

      Also, If you have any query related to MS-Excel or VBA, you can visit us at Excel Forum. Our Forum Gurus and Experts will assist you.

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      Team Excel Forum & Excel Tip

    • Hi Michael

      Thanks and yes we are going to upload the Excel version on this page soon.

      If you have any query related to Excel, you can ask our Excel experts at Excel Forum.

      Also please like us on FB.

      Team Excel tip & Excel Forum

  11. Great list. Just one thing:

    Ctrl+" seems to be the transposing of contents from the above cell as opposed to 'to fill down'.

    • Hi DK,

      The Ctrl+" keyboard shortcut will allow you to fill down and quick edit mode. As Ctrl+D only allow you to fill down from the above cell. So we have found this keyboard very interesting, if someone wants to quickly edit by fill down the value from the above cell.

      If you like our article, please visit us on FB and like our page.

      Team Excel Forum & Excel Tip

  12. Hello Everyone,

    Glad to know that you all liked the information. As most of you have demanded the information in XLS version. Soon we are going to upload the same here on this page for you.

    Keep learning and Stay Connected!!!

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    Excel tip & Excel forum

  13. Awesome work - is there anyway this could be made into a site PDF with render-able text (o it can be searched? Ctrf+F is much easier than visually scanning 250 shortcuts for the one you need!

  14. Hi Guys,

    Great tool, thankyou.

    I would appreciate copy in word and excel please.

    Keep up the great work.



  15. Great stuff! Have always been a fan of shortcut keys, as they can save loads of time. I like the extras part on Windows shortcuts :). Keep up the good work!

    • Hi Mike,

      We have already uploaded the XLS version.You can download the same from there.

      Team Excel Tip & Excel Forum

    • Hi hk,

      Excel file is already there please find the below of the tip from there you can download the Excel file.

      Team Excel Tip & Excel Forum

    • Hi Renoix,

      Scroll down till the end of the tip from there you can download the Excel file.

      Also please like us Facebook page.

      Team Excel Tip & Excel Forum

  16. Hello Everyone,

    Please see below of the tip from there you can download the Excel and Pdf file.

    Team Excel Tip & Execel forum

  17. Awesome page.
    I wanted to share with others, could not find the share link, post it with share link -- I would love to share it. 🙂

  18. Would you mind including me? I'd also like to receive the excel version also for its search ability. Thanks so much for sharing this!


    Guys you are doing an excellent stuff. thanks for the effort taken in preparing such a file. Its been a great help. U guys r really rockin....
    keep up the great job..

    • Hi All,

      You all can download the Excel file as well as PDF version at the end of the tip. To download ebook, scroll above if you are viewing this comment or scroll down if you are top on the page.

      Site Admin

  20. Just an FYI: Page Right (Alt+Page Up) and Page Left (Alt+Page Down) are not in this wonderfully awesome list. Thank you so much, it is very helpful!

  21. Btw, the description says Shift+F11 to save a file but the list seems to indicate it would be shift+F12. I'd also take a copy by e-mail. Can you pick it up from the e-mail that was required in order to leave a reply?

  22. I am extremely grateful to you to have shared this excellent compilation of Excel Shortcuts in excel as well as pdf format. It will go a long way in saving time and effort while working on Excel spreadsheets.

  23. Sridhar Neelakantan

    Great job guys! Very useful. Excel is an amazing tool and your list increases productivity by several fold. Thank you very much for documenting and even more thanks for sharing.

  24. Hi guys.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to compile these - both in the printable, pretty PDF and searchable Excel formats.

    However, noticed a problem with the PDF- some of the short cuts seem to be incorrect as the text has wrapped but 2nd line not visible, for example Ctrl+Alt+ for Paste Special box - which should read Ctrl+Alt+V (which is correct in Excel version).

    Thought you might like to know so you can fix - but thanks again. Time to learn some new shortcuts 🙂

  25. I know that this is not strictly-speaking a keyboard, but I was hoping that there was a way to scroll horizontally by using an auxiliary key with the scroll wheel. Perhaps this is not a feature, but it should be.

  26. Phenomenal list! Thank you for putting it together.

    Would you please send me the Excel file of this list, please?

    So glad I joined the forum 🙂

  27. Regarding navigating, keep in mind that several of the tips shown are for edit mode, including but not limited to CTRL+RIGHT, CTRL+LEFT, HOME & END.
    Here are a few that I failed to notice in the list:
    To jump to the cell before the 1st blank cell to the right: END followed by RIGHT
    To jump to the cell before the 1st blank cell down: END followed by DOWN
    To jump to the next sheet: CTRL+PGDN
    To jump to the previous sheet: CTRL+PGUP
    To jump one screen to the right: ALT+PGDN
    To jump one screen to the left: ALT+PGUP
    Regarding using ALT+TAB to go to a different application, hold down the ALT key while repeatedly pressing the TAB key until the application you want is highlighted, then let go of the ALT key. If you press TAB too many times and pass the application you want, without letting go of the ALT key press SHIFT+TAB to back up. This is not Excel-specific but a function of Windows.
    Regarding the shortcuts for unhiding rows & columns, CTRL+SHIFT+( works for unhiding rows, but CTRL+SHIFT+) has never worked for unhiding columns (I have 2007). To unhide columns I need to type ALT H O U L instead. Remember 1st to select a range that includes the row(s) or column(s) you want to unhide.

  28. Jahir Hussain Vena

    Thanks...For your effort to make easy our work..I shall much appreciate if you send me in excell format.

    Thanking you
    Jahir Hussain vena

    • Hi Buddhika,

      Greeting from Excel Tip.

      We have already given the downloadable option in both version, PDF & XLSs at the end of the tip. We request you to visit the page once again and download the file as per required format by your own.

      Team Excel Tip & Excel Forum

  29. I may be missing it but I don't see CTRL+* to select an entire table or range of data. Very helpful when selecting a table of data that you want to sort.

  30. Kanhaiyalal Newaskar.

    21st November,2018.
    Sir, I found those short cuts very useful.
    More over,please note that I could not find Logo,Which i wish to copy past for short cut keys.May ant one help me find or send copy ?
    Anctiously (spelling mistake ? ).

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