Summing Annual Expenses by Respective Quarters

If you want a formula that will give you total of the expenses incurred in a quarter based on the value in the corresponding cell.

You can use a combination of SUM, ROUNDUP & MONTH functions to get the output.

SUM: Adds all the numbers in a range of cells

Syntax: =SUM(number1,number2,...)

There can be maximum 255 arguments. Refer below mentioned screenshot:
MONTH: This function returns the month (January to December as 1 to 12) of a date.

Syntax: =MONTH(serial_number)

ROUNDUP: Rounds a number up, away from zero

Syntax: =ROUNDUP(number,num_digits)

Let us take an example:

We have Dates in column A & Expenses in column B. We want a formula that will return the sum of the total annual expenses for the particular Quarter of the year. In cell F2, Quarter of the year is entered.

  • The formula in cell F4 would be
  • =SUM((F2=ROUNDUP(MONTH($A$2:$A$9)/3,0))*$B$2:$B$9)
  • Press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER, because this is an array function.
  • {=SUM((F2=ROUNDUP(MONTH($A$2:$A$9)/3,0))*$B$2:$B$9)}


  • We will get the desired result as $ 500 because there is only one date from first quarter.
  • If we change the quarter number in cell F2, say change to 3, then result would be the sum of the total based on value of the respective quarter.


  • If we change the value in cell F2 to 2 then we will get zero as output. This is because there is no date occurred in the 2nd quarter of the year.


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