Inserting Subtotals Quickly

Using keyboard shortcuts

To insert subtotals within a range of cells:

1. Select row 4, then press Ctrl++ (the + sign) to insert a new row.
2. Select cell A1, then select the Current Region by pressing Ctrl+Shift+*(in Excel 2003, press this or Ctrl+A).
3. Press Alt+= or click the AutoSum icon.
4. Select any cell within the data area, then select the Current Region by pressing Ctrl+Shift+*, and repeat step 3.
5. Repeat the previous step after selecting any cell within the data area, (that is, select the Current Region and then repeat step 3).

Row 4 now contains SUM formulas for the data in rows 1:3, row 9 contains SUM formulas for the data in rows 5:8, and row 10 contains only the SUM formula for the two subtotal formulas (note that the formula in cell C10 is =SUM(C9,C4). Screenshot // Inserting Subtotals Quickly
Inserting Subtotals Quickly


  1. " I want to draw a dynamic graph with the subtotals for the details of each month.the graph should automatically update when the data is updated in an excel sheet.
    can you please suggest how can i do it."

  2. i am trying to create a spreadsheet that will continuously cumulatively show me totals of a particular column on another part of the spread sheet. i have tried everything i know how to do. will appreciate any ideas

  3. I am constantly doing my budget manually, I wanted to know how I can tally up all my bills total and minus my check, but only have to just enter the amounts monthly in the same range. I know there is a formula for this but I can't seem to do it right. It would show a -minus sign in the cell all the time even if there is no number in it. I want it to subtract as I enter my figures in it for the bottom total... Understand?

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