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About Dashboard:

Sales Performance: - Every company has a product which they need to sell increase the returns. Ultimately if sales improve, the company will grow

Sales performance dashboard is a useful tool to analyze the performance of sales. By using the sales performance dashboard we can see individual performance and make improvements in the performance on the basis of data. It helps us to forecast the next vision of targets and achievements and managing things like improving the sales and how to generate more revenue etc.

Below shown dashboard is useful to analyze sales performance in every field.




In the above shown image we have tabs related to Person, Customer and Product. When we select any tab the analysis will change and represent the report for the selected tab.

Chart:- Top Ten Customers 


In the above image a bar chart is used to represent the performance about the customer’s score and we can analyze and take the idea who is having the highest score.

Chart:- Product Performance


In the above image a Column chart is used to represent the performance and numbers of every product. We can analyze which product is selling more. In this chart we can see that Product 11 sale is very good compared toother products.

Chart:- Sales Per Month


In the above image Line chart is used to represent the per month sales. In this chart we can see that the month of July’12 had very good sales.

Table:- Region Sales


In this table Region wise sales are represented to analyze and inform that which regions are top sales, which regions are in the bottom and which regions are doing average sales.

In this table we can see that Region 17 is in the Top sales, and Region 8 is in the bottom sales.

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