Reverse Vlookup in Microsoft Excel

If you are wondering how you can make Vlookup work backwards then this article is for you. In this article, we will learn how to use reverse Vlookup function without using INDEX & MATCH in Excel.

 Let's take an example to understand:-

I know how to use Vlookup function in Excel but do not know how Vlookup work backwards. Basically, I want to look up the Namein column C and return the Sales value from column B.


Following is the snapshot of data we have:


image 1


  • We will use a combination of VLOOKUP & Choose functions together to get the result
  • In cell G2the formula is
  • =VLOOKUP(F2,CHOOSE({1,2},C2:C13,B2:B13),2,FALSE)
  • Press Enter on your keyboard


image 2


In this way, we can extract values using reverse VLOOKUP in Excel.
image 48


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Users are saying about us...

  1. Nice, but not really a "Reverse" VLookup.
    In my table, the 1st (reference) column is dates. Using VLookup, I can retrieve data from other columns, based on the date.

    What I WANT is a REVERSE function - which SETS the data in those other columns.

    Data Entry, instead of Data Retrieval.
    Any suggestions?

  2. CHOOSE({1,2},C2:C13,B2:B13) for me, leaves array C1;B1;n/a;n/a;n/a....
    Whay does not give complete array?
    Can referece ranges 1 and 2 to be from table?

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