BASE function


BASE function

With Excel 2013, Microsoft has launched a new function i.e BASE function which converts a number into a text representation with the given base.



=BASE(Number, Radix [Min_length])



Number is the number which you want to covert, greater than 0 and less than 2^53

Radix should be greater or equal to 2 but less than or equal to 36

Min Length is the length of the desired output number and to cover the length, Excel fills up Zeros on left side.


For example, =Base(7,2,12) will give 000000000111 i.e, binary converstion of 7 with a minimum length of 12.

Note; You’ll get #VALUE! error if number is a non-numeric value and you’ll get #NUM! error if Number / Raidx / Min_length are outside the min / max limits.

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