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About Dashboard:

Finance Dashboard is used to present the fiscal performance. This dashboard used to show how much revenue was generated in the year, quick ratio, and short term assets. The idea behind the dashboard of any executive officer is that just by "looking" you can get information about the need to drive the business forward.

Basically financial dashboard provide the information about the company’s performance. Through this dashboard we can analyze the company’s performance and growth. On the basis of financial analysis management take the decisions for the Company’s growth and take the appropriate decision about the goals and targets to the company.

Below shown dashboard is presenting the Financial Analysis.


Drop Down List- Year, All Industries, Products, Sales Person


Onthe top of the dashboard we have 7 filters, where we can select the Year, Year-Quarter, Industry, Region, Product, Sales Rep and Customer. We will get the information and analyses as per the selected criteria.



In the above shown table we can see the estimated revenue to every year quarter wise.


In this table we can see the actual revenue in every quarter for every year.


In this chart we have 3 drop down list where we can select start year, end year and Trend analysis. After selecting the criteria, column chart will present the report according to selected criteria.

In this chart we can see the trend of estimated revenue and actual revenue quarter wise.


In the above shown table we can see the actual revenue year wise. In this table we have one spin button and one check box. From the spin button’s list we can select the attribute such as Industry, Region, Product and Sales Rep.

Check box is available to show 3 years forecasting, to see the forecasting we have to check on the check box otherwise we can uncheck to the check box.

When we select and change the criteria, stacked chart will get changed accordingly.


Pie chart used to show the actual EUR shares to every quarter. In this chart we can see that Q1 and Q3 have equal share and Q4 having very good share in all quarters.

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