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About Dashboard:

This dashboard showsShift Handover Report of a company. With this dashboard we can quickly analyze the performance of all the associated lines.

There is performance shown on various scales for 4 days at one point of time. Using this dashboard we can easily compare the performance with various parameters like plan, cost, efficiency, etc.

There are several ways in which you can visualize data to understand the company’s goal. In October month, Excel forum team has launched a dashboard competing in which you are asked to visualize data using sample data. The challenge has generated a huge thrill around the community and fetched 118 incredible entries.


In this article, we will show you the steps on how to create this dashboard.

Let us see the how Dashboard made by Johnny247 looks:

We have divided this dashboard into 6 sections of information. Let us take a look at each one separately.


In this section,performance from day 1 to 4 are shown on following parameters:

Plan, Cost, Efficiency, Predicted Zone Recovery, Predicted Zone cost, Actual Tonnage, Planned Tonnage, Zone Headcount.


This section covers information on Attendance.


This section shows Head count used in this shift. The graph is shown using pie chart for all the lines.

Section 4:

This section zone accident per incidents this shift.

Section 5:

The following is a quality shift summary chart shows different parameters like paperwork, non coms, food safety.

In the above picture, paperwork & food safety are in green color while non coms is in red color.

Section 6:

This section shows blue zone accident free days

There are only 50 days in which there is no accident occurs, the same information is shown in above chart in percentage.

Using this dashboard you can get a clear view of the industry and we can get the information from various point of view.


image 48


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  1. From your blog it seems that you are en expert of writing article. Your contents are amazing and facts are true. I agree to all of your points that you have mentioned. |

  2. Extremely well presented! I am wondering if the needle in section 4 - zone accidents - actually moves (and how, calculation behind it)?. Also in section 2, I am assuming the red dot and 96% are one graphic and the red bar is another graph, correct? How can I get more info?

  3. i really liked this feature.could you please send me the link to download this that i can also create something like this.

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