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Camera tool is very useful tool when you want to display (mirror) the selected data to any other location on Excel.  It takes the picture of the selected range and displays the same in other location of your choice.


Select the data which you want to display (mirror) on to other location, click on Camera tool button and now select the destination where you want mirror to appear and you are done.

How to Install:-

Excel 2003:- Go to View -> Toolbar->Customize -> Commands Tab -> Select Tools from the Categories list-> Scroll down & locate the Camera tool and drag the camera under any toolbar of your choice.

Excel 2010:- Right click on the Ribbon -> Customize the ribbon -> "Chose commands from" -> "Commands not in the Ribbon" -> Scroll down and find the camera tool.  Now on  the right side-> create a new custom group and add the camera button under this.

Screenshot // Camera Tool
Camera Tool

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