Get adjacent value of a cell having minimum value in a range

If you have a range of values in one column and the corresponding names of individuals in another column.  You may want to find out the name of the person having the least value in the column of numbers.

For e.g. If you have data like this.  And you would like to find out the name of the person having the least value in column B.

Then you can use this formula -


In C1 put the above formula.  The result is as shown -

So the name Joe will appear since he has the least value in column B, compared to the rest.


  1. Almost what I am looking for, how do I use a named range in this. For Example. I have a 3 column range. How do I find the max value in Col 3 and display the corresponding value from Col 1. I know how to do this using rows and columns, but somehow I can't get the syntax right for a named range.

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