Changing the Default Style in Excel 2007

The default Style name is Style 1.

To change the default Style:

1. Select Home -> Cell Styles in Styles Group) -> New
Cell Style.
2. In Style dialog box click Format.
3. Select the Number tab.
4. In the Category box, select Custom.
5. In the Type box, enter the following format (or change to any desired number formatting):
#,##0;[Red]-#,##0;0;@ (or any other custom number formatting chosen)
6. Select the Font tab.
7. Select a font and the desired font size, and then click OK.

Note: This only changes the Style1 style for the current workbook.


  1. I have modified Normal, Good, Bad, & Neutral several times; Arial, 12, Black, and "Ok". Then I complete entries, save, and exit.

    If I go to another worksheet or exit Excel and come back the modifications are lost.

    I would like to modify these four styles once and for all worksheets, is this possible?

    Thank you,

    • Hi Andy,

      This is possible just follow below given steps:-
      Go to File tab, click on options, Excel options dialog box will appear, from the left side select General Tab, now you can change font body, font size and then click on ok to save the changes for all the worksheet. Now when you open the new worksheet selected font body and font size would be the same.


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