Automatically Updating a Range Name Reference

Updating the size of a source data range is necessary in order to update the reference in any formula using range Name, especially when using a PivotTable Report.
To automatically update a range Name:

Insert the following formula into the Refers to box in the Define Name dialog box:

This OFFSET formula returns the measurement size of the data table (width and height).

The syntax of the OFFSET formula is:

The reference from which you want to base the offset (in the example the reference is A1).

The number of rows or columns that you want the upper-left cell to refer to (for example, 0 rows and 0 columns).
The height or width, in number of rows (columns) that you want the returned reference to be, the numbers must be positive.
Screenshot // Automatically Updating a Range Name Reference
Automatically Updating a Range Name Reference

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