Printing a Filtered List in Microsoft Excel 2010

To Printing a filtered list, we will use the Auto filter option and Print option in Microsoft Excel 2010.

Auto Filter: - This option allows us to filter the data based on content of cells and conditions applied on them.

We can filter the data according to the particular text, month, date, number, cell color, font color, etc. Even we can sort the data as per the number, text, cell colors, and font colors, etc.

This option is available in the Data Tab under the Sort & Filter group.
Shortcut Key:- Press Ctrl+Shift+L on your keyboard.

Let’s take an example to understand how we can print a filtered list.

We have data in range A1:C18. Column A contains Date, column B contains Agent name and column C contain Revenue amount.
To print the filtered data, we have to put the filter in data

Follow below given steps:-

  • Select the first cell of data.
  • Press the key Ctrl+Shift+L on your keyboard.


  • If you want to put the data as per date.
  • Click on the filter with the mouse.
  • Drop down list will appear.


  • Select any date from the list.


  • Only selected date’s related data will appear.

To print the filtered area, follow below given steps:-

  • Select the appearing data.
  • Go to Page Layout tab, select Print Area in the Page Setup group.


  • From the drop down list, select Set Print Area.
  • To see the print preview, click on Print tiles in Page Setup group.


  • Page Setup dialog box will appear.


  • Click on the Print Preview.


  • We can see only the filtered area is ready to print.

This is the way we can print a filtered list in Microsoft Excel.


  1. Dear Concern, We need to print out after select every filtered value so, would you please help me to show that how to print out filter every value automatically.

  2. Thanks so much. At my new job and this was sent to me by my boss and he asked for me to print a specific list for each ses member to check their debtor's. Printed normal way and came out blank I panicked. Then I Googled and came across this. Thanks. Hope you don't mind if I share on my platform on LinkedIn

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