Grouping Text Fields in Excel 2007

To Group a text field:

1. Drag a field contains a list of text items (such as Customer Name) to Row Labels area in PivotTable Field List.
2. Select few items, right click and select Group.
3. Add more Groups by selecting different items, right click and select Group.
4. To change the title of a Group, select the Group-number title and type a new title.
5. To change the title for a new field, drag the first field from Row Labels area in PivotTable Field List to Report Filter area, select a cell in the field, and select Options tab (in PivotTable Tools Ribbon) -> Field Settings (in Active Field Group), and type a new title in Custom Name.

To Group the same field again:

You can Group a field only once. If you want to group the same field again (for example, grouping customers by products), go to source data, copy and insert /paste Customer Name column into the table, change the heading title, refresh the PivotTable, and then Group the new field.

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