What's New in Excel 2002/2003: Menu, Cell Shortcut Menu and Keyboard Shortcuts

File Menu:
* Excel 2002: Search, and a new Search icon on the regular Standard toolbar.
* Excel 2003: File Search. The File Search icon does not appear on the Standard toolbar, but can be added from the Tools category in Commands tab of the Customize dialog box.
* Excel 2003: Permission. For more details, go to www.microsoft.com and search for IRM – Information Rights Management.

View Menu:
* Excel 2002: Task Pane
* Excel 2003: Task Pane and the new keyboard shortcut <ctrl+f1>
Insert Menu:
* Excel 2002 & 2003: Symbol
* Excel 2002 & 2003: Diagram

Tools Menu:
* Excel 2003: Research and the new keyboard shortcut <alt+click>.
* Excel 2002 & Excel 2003: Error Checking
* Excel 2002 & Excel 2003: Speech
* Excel 2002 & Excel 2003: Euro Conversion

Data Menu:
* Excel 2003: List and the new keyboard shortcut <ctrl+l>
* Excel 2003: XML.

Window Menu:
* Excel 2003: Compare Side by Side. This new feature improves the Arrange menu item.

Help Menu:
* Excel 2003: Contact Us
* Excel 2003: Check for Updates (connects to the Web for Microsoft Office updates).

Cell Right-Click Shortcut Menu, Keyboard Shortcut <shift+f10>:
* Excel 2002 & 2003: Add Watch
* Excel 2003: Create List (see the Data menu, above)
* Excel 2003: Lookup (see Research in the Tools menu above (Why is it a different name? I have no answer!)

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