How to Use COUNTBLANK Function in Excel

To count blank cells, Excel provides COUNTBLANK function. Sure there are other makeshifts to count blank cells in excel. But why use them when we have a dedicated function.
Syntax of COUNTBLANK Function
div class="bbbb">=COUNTBLANK(range)

Range: The only argument of COUNTBLANK function accepts a range in which you want to count number of blank cell.

Let’s see an example.
So here we have a range A2:A10. Now we want to count if blank cells are found.

Write this COUNTBLANK formula.


Excel will find all blank cell and will return the number of blank cell in given range.

Note that-
All errors and 0s are not counted.
Formulas that return blank values (“”) are counted.
Space (“ “) is not blank hence it is not counted too.

So yeah guys, this how you can count blank cells in any range. Let me know if this was helpful.

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