SUMPRODUCT with Criteria in 2 Columns in Microsoft Excel 2010

In this article, we will focus on how to use SUMPRODUCT function with criteria in 2 columns & extract the output, meeting all the conditions.


I have a three columns data comprising of Months in column A, Sales Rep in column B & Sales Quantity in column C. Now, I want to calculate the quantity sale by Rep John & James from January month.

SUMPRODUCT: Returns the sum of the products of corresponding ranges or arrays.

Syntax: =SUMPRODUCT(array1,array2,array3,…)

array1,array2,….. array255 are the ranges of cells or arrays that you want to multiply & then add all of them.

There can be maximum 255 arrays in Sumproduct function. Refer below screenshot:-

image 1


Following is the snapshot of data we have:

image 2

  • In cell E2, the formula is
  • =SUMPRODUCT((A2:A10=”Jan”)*((B2:B10=”John”)+(B2:B10=”James”))*(C2:C10))

image 3

In case the criteria change as following:


  • Month= Jan & Feb
  • Rep=John & James


To get the output, we will use SUMPRODUCT function as follows:


  • In Cell E2, the formula is
  • =SUMPRODUCT(((A2:A10=”Jan”)+(A2:A10=”Feb”))*((B2:B10=”John”)+(B2:B10=”James”))*(C2:C10))


 image 4

  • The same result can be achieved through Filters but this requires user to first apply filter & then set criteria in Month & Rep column.
  • Using SUMPRODUCT function we can avoid using filters in Excel.

In this way, we can use Sumproduct function to work with multiple conditions in two columns & update the quantity sale.

image 5





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