Add special symbols to the number format

Add special symbols to the number format,
such as symbols that are not included in the currency or accounting formats.
The CHAR formula displays the symbol.
To add a symbol to the new format you create, copy the symbol to the Type box ( Press Ctrl+1, choose Number tab).
Create a format with the � symbol (euro)
(The symbol does not appear in the format list in Excel 97).

    1. Enter the formula =CHAR(128) in the cell.


    1. Press F2 and then F9 to delete the formula and leave the value in the cell.


    1. In the Formula bar, select the € symbol, and press Ctrl+C (copy).


    1. Select another cell. Press Ctrl+1.


    1. Select the Number tab, and choose Custom.


    1. In the Type box, press Ctrl+V.


    1. Continue by typing the format code #,##0.


  1. Press Enter.

The result: €#,##0.


  1. "Hi Bobby,

    Isn't that exactly what the examples on this pge show you?

    If not, please post back with a more detailed query and I'm sure we can help.



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