How to Find If a Day is a Holiday or Weekday in Excel

Many times while working in workflow management, as a team leader, manager or just as a student, you will get the need to know that if a given day is workday or a holiday. In Excel, we can easily find out if a given day is Weekday/workday or weekend/holiday.

To find out if a given date is workday or not, we will use the WORKDAY function. The syntax of this excel formula is:

=WORKDAY(date-1,1,[holiday dates]) = date

Date: It is the date that you want to check if it is a business day or a holiday.

[Holiday dates]: It is optional. It is the list of dates that are listed as holidays other than weekends.

So now we have the syntax. Let see its effect in an example.

Example: Find Out Which Date is Workday and Which is Not

Here, we have some list of dates. We need to check if the given dates are holiday or workday.

Write this formula in the cell C3 and drag it down:


And this returns the result as shown in the picture below:

All TRUE containing cells are telling that the given date is a workday. All the FALSE containing cells are telling that the given date is a holiday.

How Does it Work?

The WORKDAY function returns the workday after a given number of days from a start date. You can read about it here in detail.

Let's see the formula in cell C7. It is =WORKDAY(B7-1,1,$B$10)=B7

Now B7-1 returns a date prior to B7 which becomes Sunday, March 1, 2020. Now the formula is =WORKDAY(3/1/20,1,$B$10)=B7.

Next, the formula check adds 1 to the date as we want to add 1 workday to 3/1/20 (WORKDAY(3/1/20,1,$B$10). Now first it will return Monday, March 2, 2020. But it is a holiday as we have stated in cel B1o. So it returns Tuesday, March 3, 2020.

Finally, we are checking the date return by workday which is Tuesday, March 3, 2020, is equal to date in B7. Which is clearly not and returns falls.

The Logic of The Formula:

The logic of the formula is to get the next working date from the date prior to the given date, and then check if this date is equal to the date we want to check, or not. If it returns TRUE, it means it is a business day else it is not.

If you want, you can get a more sophisticated answer like WORKDAY or Holiday instead of TRUE or FALSE.


It will print "Workday" if the date is a workday else it will print "Holiday".

So yeah guys, this is how you can know if a given date is a workday or not in excel. I hope it was explanatory. Follow the links in the formulas to know more about the function that are used in this formula. If you have any doubts regarding this topic or any other topic of excel, ask in the comments section below.

Keep Excelling.

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