Multiplying Matrices in Microsoft Excel

To calculate the payment based on the worked hours & rate, we have to multiply each time value by its matching numerical rate.

Let us take an example:

In this example, we will show you how to calculate the number of working hours say 22 hours, & do a simple multiplication with hourly rate to get the payment.

  • Column A contains time values representing worked hours.
    Column B contains hourly rates.


  • In order to calculate the payment, we will multiply the hours worked with rate.
  • In cell C2, the formula would be =A2*B2*24
  • The function will return 0:00, so we have to change the cell formatting.
  • Press Ctrl+1, format cells dialog box will appear.
  • Click on Numbers tab > General>Click on ok.


  • Copying down the formula from cell C2 to range C3:C4, we will get the desired result.


In this tip, Hours x Rate will be multiplied by 24 because Excel treats time formats quite differently than regular numbers.

One day = one whole time unit, therefore one hour = 1/24th of a whole unit, and we must multiply hours by 24 to achieve whole units of time.

image 48


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  1. chaminda dissanayaka

    start: 9.00 am (8 hours) 4.00 pm. after, Starting Hours nomal overtime rate & after 12.00am midnight, after midnight double overtime rate.
    whart wre the nomal overtime (time) & double overtime (time) , excel sheet formular?

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