Creating Date and Time Stamp

There may be situations when we need current date and time stamp in Excel. In this article, we will learn how to create date and time stamp by using the functions in Microsoft Excel.

We have multiple ways to create date and time stamp by using keyboard shortcuts for certain functions.

Let’s start by entering date through function:

  • Enter TODAY function in cell A1
  • =TODAY()
  • Press Enter

image 1


And shortcut to enter the current date is: Ctrl+;

image 2


Now enter current time and date by using function:

  • Enter NOW function in cell A7
  • =NOW(), Press Enter

image 3


Let’s take another example and understand date and time stamps:

If cell A10 contains 1 and cell B10 is blank then date and time stamp should appear otherwise not.

Enter below given formula:

  • =IF(A10=1,IF(B10="",NOW(),B10))
  • Press Enter
  • Apply the format “mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm”

image 4


Thus we can create date and time stamp in the following ways in MS-Excel.


image 48

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    • if some pest in cell A1 current time will auto update in B1 cell..
      and if again we are pest some in a2 cell then current time will update in B2 cell.
      for example ;
      first i pest 781 in A1 time will update 8:41 ..then i pest 782 in A2 current time update B2 cell.
      781 8:41 PM
      782 8:46 PM
      Please provide excel formula

      • Hi Nivedita,

        As per your requirement, we don't see any good solution for you using excel formula. However, in case you are okay to go with VBA solution, following is the simple 1 liner code which would help you to meet your requirement.

        1. Open Excel File where you want to have the output
        2. Press ALT+F11 to open Visual Basic Editor
        3. Create Module or right click on Sheet Object and insert a module
        4. Paste/Write the following code

        Function Current_Time_Stamp()
        Current_Time_Stamp = Format(Time, "hh:mm:ss AM/PM")
        End Function 

        5. Go back to Excel sheet and now you can use "Current_Time_Stamp" as formula to meet your requirement.

        Please feel free to let us know in case of any doubt.

        Team Excel Forum

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