Removing Personal Information from a Workbook in Microsoft Excel 2010

Why is it important to remove personal information from a workbook?

When you do not want to expose your personal details while posting a question with an attached sample workbook to a Web forum or sending a workbook by mail, it is important to remove personal information.

While publishing a workbook on a website that allows downloading, Excel provides an accessible tool that allows you to remove the personal information which you don’t want others to see.

Let’s take an example and understand to remove personal information from a workbook in Microsoft Excel.

Follow below given steps:-

  • In Excel worksheet, click on the File tab of the ribbon.


  • Click on Info.
  • Click on Check for issues.
  • Select Inspect Document from the drop down list of check for issues.


  • Message pop up will display to save the changes because the document inspector might remove data that can’t be restored later.


  • After clicking on yes, you will get the document inspector dialog box.
  • When presented with the Document Inspector's findings, you can choose which items you want to remove from the workbook.


  • Uncheck to Document properties and personal information.
  • Click on Inspect.


This is the way we can remove personal information from a workbook in Microsoft Excel.

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