Key features of Simple Gantt

Date bars update automatically

Enter a start date and an End date and watch the date bars populate. This is what every excel based Gantt chart should do. If you have to manually update the date bars every time my estimated date changes (In a big project, that could be a lot!) that would get ridiculous. Now you don't have to.

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Insert or update tasks from anywhere on Gantt Chart

Right clicking anywhere in the Gantt chart open a form that allows you to add a new task from that date or update an existing task.

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 Change the color of the bars

A drop down allows you to choose the colors of the Gantt bars, allowing you to easily color differentiate different types of tasks. The current options are blue, green, orange, purple and red.

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Dependent start dates update automatically to Predecessor end dates.

Select what other task the current task is a predecessor of and if the current tasks start date is before the predecessors End date (impossible in causal relationship), automatically update current to match predecessors End date.

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Get a Task summary via comments anywhere along date bars

Clicking on any bar in the Gantt chart area automatically creates a comment (click on cell and wait a sec). In this comment you can see all the key information related to that particular task - including number of days since project began/until project ends. So even if you're scrolling across the Gantt chart, you have key information at a click.

image 5


Jump to the Start date for a task from anywhere on Gantt chart

Dealing with many tasks means we can easily get lost in the Gantt chart. Right clicking anywhere on the Gantt chart and selecting 'Jump to start date' will take you right back to the Start date for that currently selected task. Nice.



image 6



image 7


There’s a lot more features inside. Useful features like highlighting the task in yellow when the row is selected, showing the current date in Green bold, shading weekends on the Gantt chart for better visibility, Status font that changes color as the deadline approaches and a few more. Check it out at the link above and look for the more detailed how to guide inside the spreadsheet.


image 48

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