Auto Expanding a Date Type Chart in Microsoft Excel

While working on reports where data will get updated, you may require updating your chart manually. With the use of OFFSET & COUNTA functions, you can get the dynamic updated chart. In this article, we will learn how to auto expand a date type chart.


Let us understand with an example:

We have data in which column A contains Date field, column B contains Sales.


  • Click on Formulas ribbon
  • From Defined Names group, click on Defined Names




  • In New Name dialog box, enter name as Sale, enter the OFFSET formula =OFFSET($B$2,,,COUNTA($B:$B)-1)in Refers to box




  • Click OK
  • Similarly, define a Date as named range
  • In New Name dialog box, enter name as Date, enter the OFFSET formula =OFFSET($A$2,,,COUNTA($A:$A)-1)in Refers to box




  • Create the Chart
  • Right click on Chart & select Select Data



  • From Legend Entries (Series), click on Edit



  • Click on Series values & delete the range $B$2:$B$10, do not remove the Data sheet which is a reference sheet


  • Press F3 shortcut to enter the defined name




  • Click on OK




  • From Horizontal (Category) Axis Labels, click on Edit button



    • In Axis Labels dialog box, remove the range $A$2:$A$10
    • Press F3 shortcut for define name, and select Date




  • Click OK



  • By clicking on ok you will find the Interactive Sales Chart

We have added Sales data for October month & immediately the Chart has been updated dynamically.





image 48

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