How To Choose An Effective LMS

Upskilling the employees expertise has been the major focus of the growing organizations. This indirectly works as a retention policy for many companies. The culture was to arrange for the classroom training organized facilitated by a training department.

In the present era of new normal, the time bound classroom training has become a challenge. Employees look forward to the flexibility of learning at their convenience. Trainers also are facing challenges in terms of having online classes where interaction and involvement is reduced. Learning management system comes as a blessing both for the trainer and the trainee with its user friendly tools to make learning fun and more engaging.

Choosing The Right System:

Engaging the learner to make the training fun and easy to understand, creating a more interactive and impactful content becomes a challenge for trainers. LMS provides a platform with a dynamic solution that makes the rollout easier. This helps the organizations to achieve their learning and development requirement digitally without having specialized IT knowledge and at a lower cost.

But how do you make sure that you choose the right platform to suit your requirements. Mentioned below are some of the tips to streamline your training requirements.


  • Need Analysis: Defining clear learning goals considering your audience is the primary requirement of any learning management system. Ensure the required end results are based on the skill sets that you want to develop in your audience. Consideration of the size of the group is also one of the important requirements while choosing the right LMS.
  • User Friendly: It is very rare that the trainer and the trainee are tech savvy. Taking a demonstration or a free trial for its smooth navigation through the course and visuals, you must ensure the high level of user friendly or easy to use interface.
    • Integration: Learning and upskilling is one aspect of training. Integrating the same with other systems specially the talent management system is a must. This will help in the process of cross functional training for effective workforce management and enterprise resource planning. Ability of LMS to integrate with the existing or the new systems is one of the key features to look for before choosing the right system.
  • Managing content: Combination of user friendly interface and integration capability of the system is the key. One of the most important features is convenience of uploading the existing presentations, videos, documents, assessments etc. Not to overlook the convenience of creating new content along with the assessments to achieve the required leaning path. Ease of sharing the contents and links with other courses should also be evaluated.
  • Mobile Friendly: Focus of e-learning is on the ease of learning at your own flexible time. The best way to do so is to get relieved of the system dependency. Mobile has become an integral part of our day to day life. Ensuring that the LMS you choose should have the facility of mobile interface as well.This helps in breaking the training programme in smaller segments and relevant interaction on social media becomes easier. Most of the e-learning platforms have this feature like 360Learning.
  • Reports: Keeping a track of the curriculum being followed is very important to ensure. Automated reports and assessment results should be one of the key features while considering the required features. Reports help in keeping a track of the completed and not completed learning items and assessments. This in turn helps in assessing the learners progress and the learning path.
  • Security: Data security has been the key of all the organizations. The rule stands strong when it comes to training as it contains the content with the company’s details, learner’s details. Also important to maintain the data integrity by providing access controls to the required members with strong security features.


Some of the must have features while choosing the correct LMS have been listed for you. Need analysis, user friendly interface and high security should be the bare minimum one should look for.

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