Coloring Numbers Based on Specific Criteria Using Conditional Formatting

In this article, we are going to learn how to color numbers, based on specific criteria, using Conditional Formatting in Microsoft Excel.

What is Conditional formatting?

Conditional formatting is the way to highlight the cells or range in the report to make it more analyzed. For Ex: - in a report, we want to highlight the numbers of good performer so we always use Conditional formatting.

To understand how we can color the number based on specific criteria by using Conditional formatting, let’s take an example and understand:-

We have sales data in which we have City, product, Rep name and No. of sales.


image 1


In the above data, we want to highlight the numbers, which are above 90, in green color and the numbers, which are less than 90, we want to highlight in yellow color.

To highlight the cells, follow below steps:-

  • Select the range of No. of sales.

image 2


  • Go to Home tab > in Styles group > Click on Conditional formatting.

image 3


  • New formatting rule dialog box will open.
  • Select Format only cells that contain.
  • Select greater than or equal to and then enter 90.

image 4


  • Click on Format > Format cells dialog box will appear >In the Fill tab > Select green color.

image 5


  • Click on ok.

image 6


  • Click on ok.

image 7


To highlight the number which is below 90, follow the same above steps.

  • Select the range of No. of sales > Go to Home tab > Select the Conditional Formatting.
  • Select New rule > New formatting rules >Select Format only cells that contain.
  • Select less than and then enter 90.
  • Click on format > Format cells dialog box appear.
  • In the Fill tab > Choose yellow color > Click on ok.
  • Click ok.


image 8


image 9


image 48

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