Delete Rows in Different Sheets through VBA

If you want a way to delete all the similar rows numbers in a go then this article is for you.

In this article we will learn how we can get rid of same row in multiple worksheets through macros.


Question): I want to delete the same row in multiple worksheets using VBA code. What I want is code to delete all the rows in the workbook regardless of how many sheets are present in the current file; I want to delete the selected row number from all the 5 sheets.


First of all let’s enter the similar data in all the worksheets in same location

image 1


We need to follow the below steps:

  • Click on Developer tab
  • From Code group select Visual Basic


image 2

Enter the following code in the standard module:-

Sub DeleteRows()

Dim shtArr, i As Long, xx As Long

shtArr = Array("Sheet1", "Sheet2", "Sheet3", "Sheet4", "Sheet5")

xx = Selection.Row

For i = LBound(shtArr) To UBound(shtArr)


Next i

End Sub



image 3


  • Now place the cursor on any cell A1 & on Sheet1.
  • Press ALT + F8 to run the macro; you will find selected row number gets deleted in all the sheets.
  • Following snapshot shows sheet 1 & sheet 2 data as an example; when you run this exercise you will find similar solution in all the respective sheets.

image 4



  • If we place the cursor on any cell A2 & on Sheet2 then also the result would be similar.


In this case we can delete similar row number using VBA code.


Excel Download- Sample file- xlsm

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