How to Automate Mail Merge through VBA in Microsoft Excel

In this article, we are going to learn how to automate the mail merge by using the VBA in Microsoft Excel.

Mail Merge: - This is the source to merge the data’s information into text and then print the document. To perform such operation, we use Microsoft Word.

Let’s understand with a simple exercise:-

We have a letter format in Report sheet, and we want to apply mail merge through VBA in which we want to change the letter details as well.

image 1

We have 2 sheets. 1 sheet contains data with details to whom we want to give letters. In first data, column A contains Name, column B contains street address, column C contains city, column D region, and column E and column F contain postal zip. There is one command button to move in the report sheet.

image 2

2nd sheet is having the letter format with 2 command buttons; one button to move on the data sheet and second command button is to work for mail merge

image 3

Firstly, we will write the VBA code for command button of Main Data. We need to follow below given steps:-

  • First we will insert command button in the worksheet.
  • Go to Developer tab and then insert Command button from Activexcontrol.
  • Rename the Command button with the name “Letter” , and now assign below mentioned macro:-

Private Sub Main_data_Click()



End Sub


Now, we will insert the second command button in the Report sheet and assign the macro to move on the first sheet. We need to follow below given steps:-

  • Rename the Command button with the name “Data” , and assign below mentioned macro:-

Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()



End Sub

Now we will write the main code for mail merge by following below given steps:-

Insert the command button and rename it as “Letter Print”, and then assign the below mentioned code:-

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()

Dim StartrowAs Integer, lastrow As Integer

Dim MsgAs String

Dim TotalrecordsAs String

Dim name As String, Street_AddressAs String, city As String, region As String, country As String, postal As String

Totalrecords = "=counta(Main_Data!A:A)"

Range("L1") = Totalrecords

Dim mydate As Date

Set WRP = Sheets("Report")

mydate = Date
WRP.Range("A9") = mydate

WRP.Range("A9").NumberFormat = "[$-F800]dddd,mmmm,dd,yyyy"

WRP.Range("A9").HorizontalAlignment = xlLeft

Startrow = InputBox("Enter the first record to print.")

lastrow = InputBox("Enter the last record to print.")

If Startrow>lastrow Then

Msg = "ERROR" &vbCrLf& "Starting row must be less than last row"

Msgbox Msg, vbCritical, "ExcelTip"

End If

For i = Startrow To lastrow

name = Sheets("Main_data").Cells(i, 1)

Street_Address = Sheets("Main_data").Cells(i, 2)

city = Sheets("Main_data").Cells(i, 3)

region = Sheets("Main_data").Cells(i, 4)

country = Sheets("Main_data").Cells(i, 5)

postal = Sheets("Main_data").Cells(i, 6)


Sheets("Report").Range("A7") = name &vbCrLf&Street_Address&vbCrLf& city & region & country &vbCrLf& postal

Sheets("Report").Range("A11") = "Dear" & " " & name & ","


CheckBox1 = True

If CheckBox1 Then




End If

Next i

End Sub


Code Explanation: - First, we will define the variables then we will define the date and date format, then we will define the last row and start row. Then we have created message box for transmitting the message. Then we will define the data and range that we want to capture in letter.

  • To run the code, press key F5 on the keyboard.
  • Then you have to enter first record point. After that, you will get new message box to enter the last record of point.

image 4

image 5


  • And, then you will get the below shown document

image 6

  • Letter will get updated according to the mentioned details in main data.

This is the way we can automate mail merge through VBA in Microsoft Excel.


  1. Rinesh Dhanesha

    I want to mail merge and create one document containing all the letters in it and then save that file with .xls formate. how to do that?

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