Bar Chart in Excel help to Show the Difference in Counts

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Creating bar chart in Excel is a simple job. You have to know how to do it and then you will be able to go about the process of creating bar charts Excel. The objective of bar chart is to show the varying values for the different groups. This will help in drawing comparison.

Bar Chart- know how to create it

You need to understand the process of creating bar charts through an example. For instance, suppose you sit at the road side and count the number of red, blue, silver and green coloured cars that pass by you all through the day time, then you know the number of cars in varying colours that plied the road.

Note down the count and enter the data in a table format. The independent variables are the colours of the car and the dependent variables are the number of cars. Hence the independent variables will appear on the left side and the dependent variables will appear on the right side.

Now if you want a bar chart for the same, then press ‘insert’ and then enter ‘chart’ and then press ‘bar’. Then you have to choose a chart type that you want. If you select the column heading or the row heading, the titles will appear simultaneously.

Once you see the bar chart you will understand that visual comparisons become much transparent. Excel bar charts are much easier to create, only that you have to follow a few simple processes. Now if you want a bigger comparison, then you again go to the road side and count the number of red, blue, green and silver cars that you see in night.

Now plot the whole thing on the same chart. When you compare the counts between AM and PM, you will understand the difference in counts. Select two different colours for morning and night so that you can understand the difference. For choosing colours, select tools, then format and then shape styles to shape fills. This will help you select the colours for the comparison.

Excel stacked bar charts are used to show the two different series of any related data. Therefore when you look at the example of the chart created from the two different counts observed in day and night for the various car colours, you will understand that it is the excel stacked bar chart. Otherwise, you can also create the same for different values for the same product and in which quantity they have been sold in two different locations.

The different types of stacked bar charts are one on top of the other, separated, partially overlapped, mirrored, completely overlapped and hanged from top and bottom. Though the objective is same for all kinds of charts, it is to show the two different counts.

Hence, once you know how to create bar charts you know how to show the basic difference for the same product at two different situations.

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