How To Extract All Text Strings After A Specific Text String In Microsoft Excel

In this article, you will learn how to extract all text strings after a specific text.

If there is a requirement to retrieve the data from a column after a specific text, we can use a combination of TRIM, MID, SEARCH, LEN functions to get the output.


Let us understand with an example:


  • We have text in column A, and in column B, we want to get the result & cell D2 contains the criteria or lookup text. Refer below snapshot



  • Let us enter word “powerful” in Criteria Text cell D2
  • The formula in cell B2 would be =TRIM(MID(A2,SEARCH($D$2,A2)+LEN($D$2),255))



  • If we change the Criteria Text say “tool” then, following will be the result (as shown in below screenshot):


In this way, you can get the text strings after a specific text string.


    • Hey Neil,

      Its an interesting question, Let's assume,word be in A3 cell , specific text be in D2 cell. You need extract n characters after the Criteria Text. Use this formula =TRIM(MID(A3,SEARCH(D2,A3)+(n+LEN(D2)),255)). In your case Just replace the n with 8.
      Learn more about LEFT funtion.

    • Use this formula
      =LEFT(text,FIND("specific character")-1)
      Learn more about LEFT funtion.

  1. Thank you! I have been looking for this for the longest time. Flash fill was making errors, so this will help to completely resolve those issues.

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