Evaluate Day Of The Week Using Format Cells In Microsoft Excel

Let's say you want to see the date to be displayed when you enter a date value in a cell as "Tuesday" instead of the actual date of January 27, 2014. There are various ways to convert dates into days of the week. In this article, we will show you how to calculate the day of the week from a date using Format Cells & TEXT function to get the output.         Let us understand with an example:   We have dates in column A which we want a formula to convert to day of that particular date. img1


  • Select the cell range & right click
  • Select Format Cells or press CTRL + 1, the shortcut key
  • The Format Cells window will be open




  • Select Number tab, from Category select Custom
  • In Type box enter “dddd” & click on ok button.




  • The dates will be converted into day of the week




  • You will notice, in Name Box cell A2 contains date as 1/27/2014 in Formula Bar. Format cells will only change the visual appearance of the number without changing the original numbers.

Also we can use Text function to convert the date into week day name.

  • In the cell B2, the formula would be =TEXT(A2,"dddd")



In this way, you can convert dates into their respective day of the week.


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