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About Dashboard:

Stock Market: - A stock market is the market that people use to selling and buying the shares which are the very small percentages to a company’s profit. When company will grow obviously share amount will grow we will get the amount accordingly if we sell it and if we buy the share then we will get the amount accordingly as per the company’s market value.

The value of the share is also depends on that how many buyers want to purchase the share to that company, it means if the more buyers are there so share will go up.

Stock Dashboard is useful to show the share trend, that how the share is performing in the last year, last month and last day. It is useful to analyze that in which we should invest our money.

Through Excel Forum’s user we got the dashboard related to Stock Market. Let’s understand the dashboard how it is prepared and how it will be useful to analyze the stock performance for the user.
In this chart we have drop down filter where we can select any company and Bar chart will present the report according to previous close and last trade. In this chart we can see the stock performance, how much movement had done and percentage of movement.
Pie chart used to show the decrease and increase status to the stock and changes.
Column chart used to show the Volume of the stock. In this chart we can see the Top Volume, Least Volume and Average Volume.
In this chart we have scroll button and chart analyses. Where we can compare the performance to every stock, we can compare the stocks according to previous close, last trade and volume to every stock.

This dashboard will be useful to understand that in which product we should invest and when we should sell the share.


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