Unintentionally Creating Links Between Workbooks

Links are created unintentionally by copying or moving sheets containing range defined Names from one workbook to another.

When moving or copying a sheet by selecting its tab (that is, by right-clicking, and then selecting Move or Copy from the shortcut menu), unwanted links can be created in the new workbook if the copied sheet contains Named ranges.

Broken links are created when the location of the precedent workbook is changed on the hard disk.

If you save a workbook that is linked to another workbook and then move or copy the linked workbook to another folder on the hard disk, the first workbook will (erroneously) refer to the original reference location.
Screenshot // Unintentionally Creating Links Between Workbooks
Unintentionally Creating Links Between Workbooks


  1. "Hi Everyone,
    I need help in retrieving some data from a different workbook (dynamically using VB codes) and then storing it in either a array (one-dimensional) or by populating a combo-box and then using this to work on my current workbook.
    To give you an example -
    WorkBook Roster -
    1. TEAM LEADER - A
    AGENT - 1
    AGENT - 2
    AGENT - 3
    2. TEAM LEADER - B
    AGENT - 4
    AGENT - 5
    AGENT - 6
    Let's say the data mentioned above is placed in Excel Workbook ""ROSTER"" which is placed on a network server, that I have access to (thanks to my network administrator). When the user works on AUDIT.XLS (which should have the code to retrieve the data from ROSTER.XLS), all he should do to populate the agent and team leader cells would be to select the TEAM LEADER name from the combo box and then based on the selection made, the AGENT combo box would give him the appropriate agent names to choose from.

    For example - He chooses TEAM LEADER 2, then the AGENT combo box should only show options - AGENT 4, 5 and 6.

    I have another problem -

    I need help in using ASP with data from excel using VB. Though I know VB to a certain extent (though class modules still make me nervous), I have practically no knowledge about ASP. I have heard that ASP codes are similar to VB codes, but I don't know where to begin from and which software to use to do the kidding. The ideas is to come up with a Internet Explorer page that gives users the freedom to lookup / post / retrieve data from Excel.



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