Determine if a workbook exists using VBA in Microsoft Excel

In Microsoft Excel, we can check if file exists at specific location using VBA code. The macro will display the status in the form of message box. In this article we will identify, if the status of any specific file exists or not, with the help of VBA code. We can use Dir function to check if file Exists in Location using Excel VBA.

Using this program we can check if there is any file that exists already in the same location. So, that we can delete or rename the old file.


Question: When we are creating macro to automate the task, we generally save the output file in a location. I would like to have a macro to verify & in return show the file is available or not at the specific path.

To illustrate this example we will save the “Sample.xlsx” file in the path "D:\FolderName\Sample.xlsx"

image 1


To identify if the workbook exists, we need to follow the below steps to launch VB editor:

  • Click on Developer tab
  • From Code group select Visual Basic

image 2


image 3


  • Click on Insert then Module
  • This will create new module
  • Enter the following code in the Standard Module


Sub FileExists()
    Dim FilePath As String
    Dim TestStr As String

    FilePath = "D:\FolderName\Sample.xlsx"

    TestStr = ""
    On Error Resume Next
    TestStr = Dir(FilePath)
    On Error GoTo 0
    If TestStr = "" Then
        MsgBox "File doesn't exist"
        Workbooks.Open "D:\FolderName\Sample.xlsx"
    End If
End Sub

image 4


  • Now the macro is all set to run, we will use F5 shortcut key & “Sample” file will open

image 5


  • If file is not available at the pre-defined path then the following message box will display

image 6


Conclusion: In this way we can easily recognize, if a particular file exists or not at specific path using VBA code.


image 48


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