Printing a Report Using Report Manager Add-In in Excel 2007

Excel enables you to save pages with their page setup using Custom Views,
and the Report Manager add-in enables you to create and save the pages in
any number of reports.

The Add-Ins does not appear in Excel 2007 menu unless at least one Add-In is installed.

To install the Report Manager add-in:

1. Download Report Manager Add-in from the Microsoft Web site,
Download center: and search for Report Manager Add-Ins.
2. Select File -> Excel Options -> Add-Ins.
3. In Manage section select Excel Add-Ins from dropdown box and click Go button.
4. In Add-Ins dialog box, click Browse.
5. Locate and select the file name Reports.xla, and then click OK.
6. In Add-ins Available, select Report Manager, and then click OK.

To add a report and save it in the Report Manager:

1. Select Add-Ins -> Report Manager.
2. Click Add.
3. In the Report Name box, type the name of the report.
4. From Section to Add, open Sheet or View.
5. Select the first view to add to the report: Balance Sheet.
6. Click Add, the Balance Sheet view moves to the white list box at the bottom of the
Sections in this Report box.
7. Repeat these steps to add Income Statement report or other Custom Views, as needed.
8. Select the Use Continuous Page Numbers box in order to print continuous numbers at
the bottom of the page.

When using the Use Continuous Page Numbers option, there is no way to set the first page number,
or to number additional pages (for example, a page added from Word) so that they will be printed
in the report. The first page printed will be numbered 1.

Insert additional views to the report (for example, reinsert the Income Statement view),
and use the report with the correct number in the footer (you may delete extra pages with incorrect numbers).
The advantage of using Custom Views to create a report:
Using Custom Views to add pages to a report is like buying an insurance policy for safe printing.
The pages are printed according to the print options defined and saved earlier.

To print a report:

1. Select Add-Ins -> Report Manager.
2. Select the report you want to print, and then click Print.
? To change, add, close a report, or arrange the printing of its pages:
1. Select Add-Ins -> Report Manager.
2. Select the report you want to print, and then click Edit.
? To delete a report:
1. Select Add-Ins -> Report Manager.
2. Select the report you want to print, and then click Delete.


  1. I love the report manager but I don't have admin rights to my computer at work.
    Is it possible to get an unzipped copy of the add-in (the .xla file) so I can just install it myself?


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