Using F2 to edit ranges in Name Manager and Conditional Formatting

I hadn't considered entering the competition. But yesterday, I once again shared this tip with an OP and thought it might be useful to bring it to a wider audience.

We've all used F2 to go into Edit mode when you want to change a cell, haven't we? Or maybe you just double click in the cell? So many ways to do things!

What about when you want to edit your range or formula in the "Refers to" box in the Name Manager? Have you ever gone into the box, deleted something, typed a new value and then moved left or right ... and got something you didn't want, need or expect? I used to do that all the time and got to the point of copying the range, pasting it into a cell where I could see what I was doing, editing it, copying it and pasting it back ... test and repeat ... test and repeat

Then someone, I think on this forum but I can't remember who, told me about this tip: just press F2 after you have tabbed into or clicked into the box. You'll note that, in the bottom, left hand corner, the status changes from "Enter" to "Edit". You can now edit the range or formula in the box to your heart's content.

You'll also see this behaviour in the "Format values where this formula is true" box in the Conditional Formatting dialogue box. And you'll see it in the "Applies to" box although the status will show as "Point" to start with.

I suspect it applies elsewhere, but these two dialogues are the ones that I tend to see a lot of ... but no harm in trying.


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