How to use the PERCENTILE Function in Excel

In this article, we will learn about how to use the PERCENTILE function in Excel.

The PERCENTILE is a statistical function. In statistics, when finding a value, below the given kth percentage or percentile. Value of k can be shown in the table below.

Value of k  Percentage Percentile
0 0 % Min value
0.1 10 % 10th percentile
0.2 20 % 20th percentile
0.3 30 % 30th percentile
0.4 40 % 40th percentile
0.5 50 % 50th percentile
0.6 60 % 60th percentile
0.7 70 % 70th percentile
0.8 80% 80th percentile
0.9 90% 90th percentile
1 100 % Max Value

PERCENTILE function takes the range of values as array and value of k. And returns the interpolate value from the array.

=PERCENTILE (array, k)

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