Avoid Nested IF in Microsoft Excel

In case we are using nested IF formula & we all know nested IF takes a lot of time in calculating the result. In this article, we will learn how we can avoid using nested IF function.


Question: I have a task assigned by my manager to check / compare the max change in the last four years sales figures.

I tried using IF function along with MAX & MIN functions to get the result but I guess the formula I am using is a bit long & I want to avoid; so if there is any formula that can replace nested IF then it will be a great help for me.

Following is the snapshot of data we have; the numbers may mislead you but these all are in million




  • The formula is needed to check the max change between two years data
  • The formula we are going to use is
  • =IF(AND((MAX(B2:C2)-MIN(B2:C2))>(MAX(C2:D2)-MIN(C2:D2)), (MAX(B2:C2)-MIN(B2:C2))>(MAX(D2:E2)-MIN(D2:E2))), MAX(B2:C2)-MIN(B2:C2), IF((MAX(C2:D2)-MIN(C2:D2))>(MAX(D2:E2)-MIN(D2:E2)), MAX(C2:D2)-MIN(C2:D2), MAX(D2:E2)-MIN(D2:E2)))




  • There are two formulas we can use & both of them involve MAX, MIN & ABS functions
  • In cell F2, the formula is
  • =MAX(B2:E2)-MIN(B2:E2)




  • The second formula is
  • =MAX(ABS(C2-B2),ABS(D2-C2),ABS(E2-D2))




Conclusion: In this way, we can avoid using nested IF function & we can opt for other functions.


image 48


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  1. Hi,

    Honestly, didn't crossed my mind the nested if solution.
    On the other hand it seems to me obviously the max-min solution.

    Good job. Keep on.


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