Dividing a First Left Heading Title in Excel 2007

To divide a title in a cell:

1. In cell A1, enter the words: Headings and Invoice Number.
2. Select cell A1, and in the Formula Bar, place the cursor after the word Headings.
3. Press Alt+Enter twice (once to wrap the text and once for an additional blank row).
4. Press Ctrl+Enter to accept the changes without moving from cell.
5. Select Home -> More Borders (from Borders icon in Font Group).
6. Select the left diagonal border.
7. Select the Alignment tab.
8. From both the Horizontal and Vertical dropdown lists, select Justify.
9. Click OK.
10. In the Formula Bar, place the cursor before the word Headings and press the Space Bar to add spaces and move the word to the right.

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