Identifying all the merged cells

It often becomes necessary to get rid off merged cells and then it is very tedious and time consuming task to go and select each merged cell and then unmerge them.

Below is very simple and quick approach to do this in one go.

  1. Ctrl+F. Excel displays the Find tab of the Find and Replace dialog box.
  2. If necessary, click the Options button to make sure the Find and Replace dialog box is expanded to show all options.
  3. Make sure the Find What box is empty.
  4. With the insertion point in the Find What box, click the Format button. Excel displays the Find Format dialog box.
  5. Make sure the Alignment tab is displayed.
  6. Make sure the Merge Cells check box is selected (there should be a check in the check box).
  7. Click OK to close the Find Format dialog box.
  8. Click Find All.

Now its very easy if you want to delete or unmerge all the merged cells.

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