Excel Scheduler Process to Run the Excel WorkBook Macro

In this program you can run Macro on Scheduled Day and Time. for example I am using a Macro to check the Local hard drive free space availability. For your usage I have attached the Workbooks and below are steps.

Steps to Use

1. Download and Extract the compressed File to the folder myschedulerupdated

2 In this folder myschedulerupdated you will see two Excel workbooks SchedulerApp.xls and SpaceAvailable.xlsm

3. While opening the SchedulerApp.xls it will open a userform by default this form will be used to feed the data about schedule process.

4. Select appropriate details like week days and Time you can select multiple times also.

5. After running the schedule process for the day the program will wait for the same day and time for the next week.

6. For checking the schedule process managing a log sheet in the SchedulerApp.xls workbook

7. As the process of checking the Local hard drive free space availability check the SpaceAvailable.xlsm in the same folder.

Note : Password used in the workbooks test123 and admin123

Good Luck and Enjoy Coding

Ravi Kumaresan



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