Display AutoFilter criteria after filtering using VBA in Microsoft Excel

After filtering with AutoFilter, titles of filtered data with criteria are to be displayed at the bottom of the sheet

Place the code below into the standard module.

Sub FilterCriteria()
   Dim intRow As Integer, intCol As Integer
   intRow = Range("A1").CurrentRegion.Rows.Count + 2
   intCol = 1
   Do Until IsEmpty(Cells(1, intCol))
      With ActiveSheet.AutoFilter.Filters(intCol)
         If .On Then
            Cells(intRow, intCol).Value = .Criteria1
         End If
      End With
      intCol = intCol + 1
   Range("A1").CurrentRegion.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeVisible).Copy _
      Cells(intRow + 1, 1)
End Sub

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