Summing Values Based on Text Criteria


Each row of columns A & B contains text and a corresponding number.
We want to sum all the numbers in column B corresponding with the text values in column A that meet the following criteria:
1. Text is “Excel”.
2. Text starts with “Excel”.
3. Text ends with “Excel”.
4. Text contains “Excel”.
5. Text length is 3 characters.


Use the SUMIF function as shown in the following formulas:
1. =SUMIF(A2:A7,”Excel”,B2:B7)
2. =SUMIF(A2:A7,”Excel*”,B2:B7)
3. =SUMIF(A2:A7,”*Excel”,B2:B7)
4. =SUMIF(A2:A7,”*Excel*”,B2:B7)
5. =SUMIF(A2:A7,”???”,B2:B7)

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