BITXOR function

BITXOR function

BITXOR function has been introduced with Excel 2013 and this function returns the bitwise XOR of two numbers.

For example, Binary representation of 10 is 1010 and Binary representation of 7 is 111 and if we compare which positions are not equal we will get :-






so that means 1*(2^3)+1*(2^2)+1*(2^0) = 8+4+1=13

so if we use the formula directly as =BITXOR(10,7) will get the similar result as 13.



BITXOR(number1, number2)


where number1 and number2 must be greater than or equal to zero.


Note: you will get #NUM! error if the either of the two number is greater thatn (2^48)-1 and you will get #VALUE error if either of the two number are non-numeric

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