How to Show formula but not result in Excel

In this article, we will learn about how to view formulas in the cell in Excel.

Excel performs a function in a cell when using equals to sign (=).
For example, if you type =2+2 in a cell it will result in 4.

Excel lets you view formulas with the following given methods.

  1. Via Show Formulas option
  2. Using single quotation mark ( ‘ ) in front of the formula

Let’s understand how to show formulas only in Excel.
Here we have some data where results have been extracted using Excel formulas.

Go to tab Formulas > Show formulas under Formula Auditing.
Click Show Formula option to view all formulas of the sheet.
This option lets you view all Excel Formulas used in the worksheet instead of the results.
There’s one more way to view excel formulas, not the result. If you wish to view the Formula of a particular cell. Then use the below-mentioned method.

Single Quote mark in front the formula lets you show only formula not the result of the cell.

Here I have used this method on a Excel formula.
Now I wish to view formulas on B2 & C3 cell here. Just apply one single quote mark in front of the formula.
Apply the same in C3 cell to view excel formula instead of results.
As you can see in the above snapshot Excel formula not the result in the cell.

Hope You understood how to show Formulas instead of results in Excel. Explore more articles on Excel functions and Formulas here. Please state your queries in the comment box below. We will help you.

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