Table Sorting Rules in Excel 2007

To sort a Table, the Table structure:

The Table should have only one header row.
Do not leave any blank cells in the header row.

Sorting one row/column:

Do not select a column or a row in a List before sorting; instead, select only a single cell. Clicking the Sort icon automatically sorts the entire List/Table, and the data will be sorted according to the selected cells field.

Sorting Formulas:

When sorting data beware of formulas in the cells. Sorting data linked by formulas to other cells, or to cells in other sheets, can distort the calculations. Be meticulous when sorting a List/Table containing linked formulas and defined Names (which are defined with absolute references by default), or with formulas that have absolute references.


Insert an additional column with ascending numbers (that is, 1, 2, 3, and so on) before sorting the data (do not use a formula). If a List includes a column with consecutive dates, use this column as the first sorting column.

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