Use Name in a Formula in Excel 2007

To use a Name in a formula:

1. Define Names for ranges in a list (see previous topics).
2. Select a cell in this sheet or in any other sheet in the workbook and type the formula =SUM(.

Option 1:
1. Press Ctrl+A to open the Function Argument dialog box.
2. Select the first argument box and press F3.
3. Select the Name January, and then click OK.
4. Paste the Names February and March in the second and third arguments text box, and then click OK.

Option 2:
Names are included in Formulas list.
1. After typing =Sum( type the letter F, select the Name February from functions dropdown list and press Tab to paste the Name into the formula.
2. Type a comma symbol, and repeat the step above, to paste two more Names.
3. Type the ) symbol to close the formula and press Enter.

Option 3:
4. Select Formulas -> Use in formula (in Named Cells Group) -> January.
5. Type a comma symbol, and repeat the step above to paste two more Names.
6. Type the ) symbol to close the formula and press Enter.

The following formula has now been inserted into the cell:
=SUM(January, February, March)
The formula returns the total expenses from cells B2:D7.

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