Sum If Greater Than 0 in Excel

There are times, when we have data that have negative value and positive values too. Now to sum only positive values, we need to sum values that are greater than 0. To do so, we will use SUMIF function of Excel.

Generic Formula:


Range: the range that you want to sum.
“>0”: Signifies that, you want to sum values that are greater than 0.

Example 1:

Here we have a range named values. Now, in this range i want to sum values that are greater than zero. To do so. Right this formula in any cell.


The SUM if function will return sum of values that are greater than zero.

In this example, I have named range A2:A15 as values.
Now, if you want to get sum of values that are greater than from a given value in another cell than you can use below technique.

Sum If Greater Than Value in Another Cell
In above example we used hard coding to get sum of values that are greater than 0. But many times you would want it to be check value from another cell. We have a generic formula for that too.

Generic Formula:


Cell_reference: the reference of cell that contains the value that you want to check.

Example 2:

In this example, I have same range for sum. The only difference is that I want to sum if greater than value in cell C2.

To achieve this write below formula.


Similarly if, you want to check any condition you can have that in that in “”. For example, (“>”,”<”,”<>”,”>=”,”<=”). SUMIF function supports all these functions.

Important: To sum if a value is equal to sum value, you don’t need to use “”. Just pass that value or reference of that value.

This was simple. We have many other important formulas and techniques to simplify your work and increase productivity.

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